what's the best qt5 image viewer?


hi guys,

in your opinion, what’s the best qt5 image viewer that supports color management? Unfortunately Lximage form Lxqt does not support color management.
Maybe Nomacs? XnView is also qt I believe but it is not open source and maybe a bit too heavy.

Thanks for the feedback


(Mica) #2

Gwenview is the best.

(Andreas Schneider) #3

KDE: gwenview
Qt: qimgv

I used qimgv for quite some time because gwenview didn’t have HiDPI support.

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qimgv is available for Windows too; I am going to give it a try.

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apparently there is no ready made package of qimgv for lubuntu, looks like it needs to be compiled

(Silvio) #6

Hello folks!

What about DigiKam [1]?

It even works on Windows.
It looks extremely powerful and should be able to handle huge collections of pictures (by leveraging its Mysql “engine”)

[1] https://ninedegreesbelow.com/photography/digikam-settings-behavior-tab.html

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When I launched the app, I gave up the ghost!

My screen and laptop went silent and dark for a couple of seconds.

Then, at the bottom, a message faded in and out.

Then nothing.

Only when I moved the cursor to the top did I see a set of icons fade in to the top vertical right.

A little too cool for my tastes. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think qimgv is the first program that I compiled successfuly :slight_smile:
Appears to be really very lightweight. Did not test color management capabilites yet though
However, Gwenview looks very nince, too, and does not need a lot of KDE libraries


It (the windows version) doesn’t appear to have anything regarding colour management or display settings in its preferences.


same on linux, which does not necessarily mean that it ignores the system profile
need to have a closer look, but I still have not set up color management on the system that I use since a few days.


That isn’t a good thing because one would have to trust the app or do additional tests to see if it is working properly. When you factor in HDR and the future of colour management threads here… :crying_cat_face:


well, apparently qimgv ignores color management


IIRC gwenview did have some colour management?

(over in gtk-land, geeqie is one of the few that do support colour management)

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Gwenview seems ok