What's your favorite Youtube photo-related channel?

I thought a thread sharing our favorite watching material could be fun. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t have to be Youtube, podcasts could be interesting too.

I’ve actually found it a bit hard to choose. For a top three (today!), I think I’d go for Thomas Heaton, James Popsys ( I think…) and Ben Horne. All landscape - not quite sure why that is as I don’t only shoot landscape…

The first two are more mainstream, I like Heaton’s rather honest approach and mix of occasional film, and I enjoy Popsys’ humour, as well as his ‘Human Nature’ thing.
Ben Horne is an interesting one - very thoughtful and slow paced medium format landscape photography, almost the opposite of my usual approach.

But there’s a lot more I subscribe to - snappiness (often rather interesting stuff on ‘vintage’ digital), @zerosapte’s 1kwords, Faizal Westcott (NYC street), @s7habo’s channel…

What’s yours?
(Unless it’s a best kept secret! :wink: )

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I would have to nominate Aureliens channel which is probably where I learnt the most about using darktable, but doesn’t seem to have been updated in more than a year now as he works on other things.


Good topic. Heaton, Popsys and Horne are all among my susbcriptions, although strangely I don’t think I have watched any of Horne’s videos in a couple of years now. Closer to “home” here, I also subscribe to @zerosapte and @s7habo.

Others that I watch pretty regularly include Nigel Danson, Mads Peter Iversen and Andy Mumford (all landcsape guys), Matthew Vandeputte (timelapse/hyperlapse) as well as Dustin Abbott’s gear reviews.

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Many of the same suspects, I can’t name just one (in no particular order)…

Thomas Heaton
Henry Turner
James Popsys
Simon d’Entremont
Adam Gibbs
William Patino
Michael Shainblum
Ian Worth
Nick Page
Mads Peter Iversen
First Man Photography (Adam Karnacz)
Boris Hajdukovic
Darren J. Spoonley
Nigel Danson
Duade Paton
fototripper (Gavin Hardcastle)
Mark Denny

…wow. That’s more than I thought! :smiley: Plus there are other non-photo channels.

[ Edit ] – And for more generalized (less strictly image / gear / location / technique) photography topics I sometimes watch The Photographic Eye (Alex Kilbee) and Sean Tucker.


Me too!

He shoots an 8x10 large format view camera.

Mine are nick Carver and grainydays. Both local to me.

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Gulp. :exploding_head: I knew that, but mentally I think of anything bigger than 35mm as ‘medium’. :laughing:
Sorry, and thanks for the correction! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen grainydays, but will look up Nick Carver. :+1:

First of all, thanks for the mentions, I’m really glad to find some of you as my regular viewers.

When it comes to favourites, I need to first mention GxAce. The dude has some crazy skills and has to be one of the better if not THE best produced channels on Youtube. Everything he does is top notch material, with fantastic visuals and excellent sound. A lot of the times I don’t necessarily care for the subject, but I watch his videos for the vieweing experience.

Then there’s The Angry Photographer (Teoria Apophasis), I love his quirky demeanor and I watch a lot of his non-photography related videos. Omar Gonzalez Photography and The Mo and O Photoshow are both great. I enjoy watching Camera Conspiracies, Jorge Perez, Frederik Trovatten, Justin Mott, Faizal Westcott, Christofer Frost for his awesome lens reviews,
Lashmar - The Street Thief, and many more.


I want to nominate the affable landscape photography channel James Popsys, the wonderful quirky analog photographer Grainydays, and the photo news channel Petapixel, where Chris and Jordan from the CameraStore and DPReview found their new home.

As for lesser known channel, have a look at the black and white landscape photographer AOWS, the woodland photographer Simon Baxter, and the wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer.


I can’t believe he lugs all that stuff around!

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Lots of the same… but some unmentioned, i think, in no particular order:

Teo Crawford
Kyle McDougall
Japan Vintage Camera
Alan Schaller
Film Camera Tokyo
Rob Shea
Imitative Photography
Stephen Leslie
Thomas Eisl
Studio Petrikas

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Many of my favourites have been mentioned here already, like Thomas Heaton, Nigel Danson, Simon Baxter and others. One I haven’t seen mentioned is Simon Booth. I discovered him through Thomas Heaton. He focus more on the smaller woodland scenes, the ones you are more likely to just walk past. Macro, leaves, funghi, patterns in rocks, that kind of thing. He also shares a wealth of knowledge about the biology of the different habitats.
And there is such a thing as female photography youtubers, but not that many. I have been following Kim Grant on and off for a few years. Scottish photographer who started out with landscape and is also exploring other kinds of nature photography. Wildlife, macro, ICM. She is also a bit philosophic from time to time, talking about nature conservation, quality of life and how to use photography to improve your mental health.


A not that well known one is Steve O’Nions. He does mostly film, but digital as well every once in a while. For me he has some of the best landscape shots seen on youtube, and it’s always a pleasure seeing large format film photographs. He usually explains his thought process through the whole endeavor so there’s always something to learn. I recommend everyone to give him a try.


Mine. :wink: :laughing: (just kidding; I don’t even have one… yet).

Matthew Stern

and, of course…


To name a few.

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