When did you praise your gimp|gmic dev last?

Dear all,

I have a hunch that we all take too many things for granted.
Like all wonderful features in The Gimp and in g’mic,
which allow me to transform a mediocre shot of
a withered Phlox into something like this:


So: thank you, devs! We do appreciate your work!

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Quite long ago, if I remember well. Just today it was on my fingerprints to say Thank you David, but I didn’t to avoid unnecessary pollution of that technical thread… But gmic is magic !!


I made this image today, mostly with ImageMagick. The image is wrong because my script was wrong, but I like the wrongness of the image.


Care to share your script? :wink:
Is it wrong because you used IM instead of G’MIC? :stuck_out_tongue:
The yellow lines do skip when stretched out.

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It would have been just as wrong if I had used G’MIC.

Sadly, I didn’t save the wrong version of the script. A more correct (but still slightly wrong) version is:

set sFX=^
  ANG = v.g*2*pi; ^
  VW = %%[fx:(v.w-1)/2]; ^
  VH = %%[fx:(v.h-1)/2]; ^
  MX = v.r*VW*sin(ANG); ^
  MY = v.r*VH*cos(ANG); ^

%IMG7%magick ^
  ( toes_egrd.png -resize "600x400^!" ) ^
  acw_map_rgb.png ^
  -fx "%sFX%" ^
  acw_wonb.png ^
  -alpha off -compose CopyOpacity -composite ^

This is a polar displacement using rho and theta (as opposed to the more usual cartesian displacement using X and Y axes). toes_egrd.png is my usual image with added polar grid. acw_map_rgb.png is the polar displacement map. The result:

This morning, #1 Wife reported that there was a spider’s web
just outside our bedroom window. The creature itself was not
in sight, but thanks to g’mic, I sort of managed to re-create it :slight_smile:

X-T4, Hexanon 50mm/1.7

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


… and managed to reveal a satanic face in the background. :slight_smile:


Two sinister types caught today,
trying to impersonate gargoyles,
guarding the entrance to …


Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


For me, it’s more of a bat-like blood-sucking horror headed for me. The state of my mind, these days…

But @kofa, your impression fits quite well into the
definition and looks of a gargoyle: gargoyle at DuckDuckGo

It might be of interest to see the image before being
tricked into g’mic:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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You mentioned ‘Two sinister types’, and yes, I see two long-nosed, horn-wearing heads (formed by the sepal and the stem). For me, there’s only one creature, where your ‘sinister types’ form the wings.

Not quite Gargoyles (TV series) - Wikipedia :joy_cat:

@afre No, not yet. I suspect that Reptorian will need to be consulted in that case.

I don’t know who to praise, but I owe several rounds of beer to the person who made the “magic push” in the path tool. This feature lets you make accurate and smooth paths very efficiently. Unless it was totally involuntary and I invented a trick, but I don’t think so.

Best way to praise G’MIC and its developers is to spread the word on one of the most powerful graphic tools out there. I can only tell you that I, pretty much, use G’MIC on all edits I do. David and his team definitely deserve accolades for sure. :slight_smile: