When will Sony A7 IV profile be added to Darktable?

Wondering when the A7 IV profile will be added? The new 3.8 now recognizes the files, but still having trouble with thing like lens correction, etc. Will it be added soon? I’d rather stick with DT, been using it for a while.


Lens correction is handled by Lensfun. Open mil-sony.xml and add your camera model.

Thanks, no idea what that means. I know nothing about this stuff. I point, I click.

Which OS do you use?

You will need to localize the file mil-sony.xml and open it. If it is Windows you will find it in the darktable folder in your program files.

You can copy paste my marked text and change the model name to ILCE-7M4 and model lang to Alpha 7 IV

One of the features I admire about Dxo Photo Lab is that users can choose to download a small number of camera and lens profiles that they use. In comparison, Lensfun gives you every camera and lens choice in their database even though you use only a small handful. Lensfun also omits many legacy lenses and is slow to update new cameras. Someday, it would be nice to see a system in Darktable whereby users can select lenses from the lensfun database they use for automatic detection and a simple UI to add lenses and cameras that are missing, with an auto-calibration option.

I use PureRAW and I also create lens profiles for Lensfun. PureRAW has a profile for my old Sigma 500/4.5 APO EX DG HSM. It names it incorrectly in Exif after exporting dng files.

I created a profile for Lensfun and this lens. darktable will need to be pointed to the right lens in .exiv2 but after that it will find the right lens and shows the right model name.

Can’t tell the difference between the profile from DxO vs my profile.

Lensfun project needs better maintenance, but if a user wants a profile the user could create the profile the same day. For Canon RF 16/2.8 STM the first profile published was from Canon. The next profile from me for everyone using Lensfun. After that DxO and the last one was Adobe. I believe Capture One still doesn’t have a profile for this lens.

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Not from within darktable, but under linux you can limit the number of lenses reported. Look up how to create and populate a file .exiv2 in your home directory. With that set up, darktable does recognise my camera and lenses correctly.

If that’s not good enough, you’ll have to find someone to code what you want for you (or do it yourself…). I guess there are some unexpected wrinkles in the process that make it less than straight-forward to implement in darktable (or it’s just not considered worthwhile given the existing tools).

E.g. how do you see the auto-calibration in practice? @Peter’s link in the post above has tutorial on how to create a lens calibration for use with lensfun, to get an idea of what’s involved.
Adding a lens to the database without providing calibration is not very useful.

Windows place

I have attached mil-sony.xml for you. Take a backup of your file and replace it with my file.
mil-sony.zip (22.6 KB)

What I added:
Skärmbild från 2021-12-29 14-46-06


Then you have the print screen above where to put the file.

Unfortunately it’s the lack of maintainers for a basic lens correction library used in a couple of image processing software. I doubt it’s easier to get better support if the effort on lens correction is divided in several projects becoming incompatible over the time …
It’s not just an ui to add stuff, it’s the whole library that needs to be forked and maintained if darktable project wants to have control over this. So need for developers and maintainers that will do this job… And especially maintainers are rare resources in foss projects since they need to have a whole bunch of platforms in scope.

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