Where are all the filters (Bundled profiles-Faded) in RawTherapee 5.5?


Hello there!

I tried to read the release notes but I did’t understand. In RawTherapee I don’t see all the filters (Bundled profiles-Faded) as RawTherapee 5.4 (see the screenshot). Where are they?

(Mica) #2

Can you post a screenshot of what you use in the previous version?


Hi, I modified the first post, I attached a screenshot.

Thank you


Super early spring cleaning. :slight_smile:

Most of these profiles either don’t work anymore or don’t look good anyway.

And you could always make your own. :wink:


Are you joking me? This is not an answer, these filters were good and I did’t read anything about this cleaning in release notes.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

He is not joking you.

(Stefan Chirila) #7

@ajwan see if you can get your hands on a previous installation of RawTherapee and copy/paste the profiles folder from it to the new. It sucks for those who miss them, but it does look like the developers thought them to be extremely out of date and yeah…

Personally I don’t care much, I make my own; but I get your frustration.


I am sorry that you took it that way. I don’t use sarcasm when answering people’s questions: I try to be kind, gentle and helpful.

See: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/5093.

I say this because, if you manage to create a useful profile for 5.5 and people like it, it is possible that it could be considered for 5.6.

In general, it is good to learn how to make your own profiles.

A. Presets tend to be generic and boring.

B. Through the process you learn how to use the modules.

If you are stuck, you could always try to import some of the old ones like @stefan.chirila said. However, many of them aren’t compatible with 5.5 (or 5.4 for that matter).

(Stefan Chirila) #9

@ajwan I’ll do a small shameless self promoting with this opportunity …you could check out http://stefanchirila.com/customchrome it’s my own collection of RAWTHERAPEE presets. Just a fair disclaimer, some are older and designed for older versions of RT. Hope it’s helpful.

(Simon Frei) #10

And from the issue linked by afre, here is a link to the profiles from 5.4, if you want to import those that you used: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/tree/5.4/rtdata/profiles


I will follow @stefan.chirila suggestion. Now I am reading the issue @afre so I hope in 5.6 some filters will be added.

The topic could be closed. Thanks


Profile making is really something for a non-coder well versed in editing.
I suppose it makes sense for color effects (B&W, toning, each with some variations) and if they are of a simple and desired composition they can teach a beginning user how to achieve other, similar effects.
Perhaps developers can give some guidance here (such as: preferred way for color toning will be ABC module, because …), some samples are made and then tested by various forum members.


Follow the forum regularly and use the search function. :wink: