Where are dt's output profiles please?

I can’t find them, nor any color/out location. I’d like to try a different sRGB output profile re. this other thread here

What OS?

Ubuntu 18.04

Isn’ t this dependent on what you intend to do with the image? If it is purely for the web then sRGB is an only option.

~/.config/darktable/color/in and ~/.config/darktable/color/out

@paperdigits thanks, I checked for this. I have the /in folder but not the /out. Though I have 11 choices for export profile in the dt dropdown.

@davidvj, yes sRGB but there are a number of sRGB profiles. For example rawtherapee ships with V2 and V4 profiles which are slightly different. And it seems some have a LUT and others don’t. And I think the number of interpolation points can vary. I think it’s nice to have perceptual sRGB available, hence I thought I’d try other profiles in dt, and/or someone will say why it’s not working at present for me.

There are multiple paths that DT looks for profiles. Did you try and put some profiles in the locations I said?

Ah, I was looking for an /out folder with the standard 11 in it and was going to add to it. So I’ve created one, copied some icc’s in and now dt sees them, thanks. However I still can’t get any differentiation between the intents.