Where are star ratings stored?

With the latest dev builds, I’m getting star ratings automatically applied to images where I previously had none. I thought there was a “Rank” line in the .arp file, but I can’t find it. Are star ratings handled differently now?


Depending on your settings in preferences, star ratings are picked up from xmp sidecars and embedded exif metadata

Ok, so I’ve found some xmp files with a rating of “7”, which I assume is being converted to a 5-star rating in ART. But if I change the rating in ART, the previous star rating is restored when I close and then re-open ART. So I assume it is reading the xmp sidecar file each time you open ART. In that case, where is ART storing the ratings and how do I stop this behaviour? I’ve tried changing the metadata synchronization settings to “Off” in preferences, but it still seems to be picking up a 5-star rating from somewhere even after I’ve changed it.

Are you sure you have no rating in the (exif metadata of the) raw file itself?

The only files showing ratings are jpegs and tiffs. When I run them through exiftool, it shows a rating of 0.

I rarely if ever use ratings, so it’s strange that it’s even picking them up from anywhere. But I have messed with Digikam and darktable over the last year, so maybe this is why I found xmp files with non-zero ratings in them…

What happens if you delete the xmp? Edit: and also clear the cache

Deleting the xmp and clearing the cache seems to remove the ratings.