where are the local adjustments ?


I have the 5.8 version for Windows of Rawtherapee, and I was interested by local adjustements as described here : https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Local_Adjustments/fr#Quel_type_de_contr.C3.B4le_local.3F

But, I found no way to access to these RT local adjustments and RT sports in modules " 1. Color and light , 2. Exposure , 3. Shadows Highlight - Tone equalizer - TRC: …" ?!?

Same point with levels “Normal, Confirmed, expert” : how to activate them ?!?

Is there a user guide to indicate how to use such functionalities. The doc in rawpedia describes something that is no available.

In DarkTable or ART, access to masks is clearly indicated.

Local adjustments are not available in RT 5.8. Use ART if you like them and prefer RT.

I don’t know what is the french manual you pointed out. Maybe a guide made for locallab-branch and ART? Someone more knowledgeable can possibly help and put a note to that Rawpedia section, that this is not yet currently available in the extraordinary RT.

The rawpedia page you linked to is referring to a specific branch of RT, the “local lab” branch. You should be able to find some recent builds, maybe @gaaned92 has one already.

Like the others have said you have a choice.
RawTherapee has a ‘Local lab’ development build, which uses localised spots that change parts of the image of a similar tone and colour within a circular or rectangular region.

(Scroll down the page to find the ‘newlocallab’ build that fits your system)
They seem to be fully functional, but the RawTherapee team don’t consider the work to be finished yet? This version will work with any previous edits of RawTherapee you have

or you can use ART, which has shape masks, parametric masks, selection spots of similar colour and tone. It has a slightly different set of tools to RawTherapee but is similar to use. It looks like a brush tool may be on its way too. I much prefer this as a piece of software overall, but it isn’t compatible with RT.
Hope this helps