Where are the user config files on Windows? (solved)

I’m sure this is in the docs somewhere… but where?
Somehow, in swapping between dt4.0 and one of the nightly builds, my setup has changed… the preferences and module layout has returned to default. If I replace my .appdata/local/darktable folder with a backup, it returns to usual. But then I need to re-import a whole lot of images… (old backup) not a prob really, but I thought I’d try using one of the database snpshots. This didn’t change it though.
It’s bugging me that I can’t work out which file in that folder is responsible for the config. I’ve looked at the program invocation page in the manual, but it doesn’t help me much. Either I’m dense or else it’s different on Windows.
Sorry to ask what I’m sure is something I should be able to work out!
PS. I know I should have stuck to using a separate folder for the 4.1 files, but it was running so well I thought I might stick to using 4.1. until my config disappeared :anguished:

I’m back! I still don’t know where this stuff is actually stored, but actually my main problem was my preset/profile in the module ‘manager’. Somehow ‘modules: default’ had got set instead of my own version.
So that’s ok. :grinning:
I’d still like to know where it’s all stored though…

Look here:
Be aware that AppData is a hidden folder so you have to enable its visualization is file explorer

Hi Marco, and thanks! I’ve been there though… which file is it?

library.db: the picture database
data.db: presets, styles
(of these two there should be backups in your old folder, try to restore one of those)
darktablerc: settings
keyboardrc: shortcuts

Thanks very much! :grinning: darktablerc was the one responsible for my config stuff. renaming the current file and copying over the one from the backup has put everything to normal. There were a few things in preferences that I hadn’t sorted yet. Now I don’t need to.

Is your module layout stored in darktablerc?

The configuration and operation files of darktable.pdf (183.9 KB)

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No, I believe the layouts are in data.db

Thanks Todd, I actually found that file somewhere already. But… I think I was in too much of a hurry trying to get things working yesterday. I didn’t read far enough to see that there are indeed different locations given for windows as opposed to linux.
There’s a lot to be said for reading things properly!
Edit: I think you actually replied to me with that info previously Todd. Sorry!

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As is probably obvious, I don’t really have a clue - but restoring data.db didn’t restore my module layout, but restoring darktablerc did. It’s possible (likely) I messed up somewhere though. Especially in my rushed state of mind :smile:

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It’s interesting to scroll that file and see what is in there…I did some poking around for Opencl settings a while back and it was interesting to scroll through it