where do I find Scripts

Hello everyone.
It’s new to me to use SIRIL to stack my photos.
But it does not work properly, the program stops.
I think it’s because I do not have flats pictures.
where can i find a script that can use.
i have found a script that uses

I know nothing about scripting.
has, however, tried to make a copy of the text with bias and moved to the script that does not use bias.
But can not see if there should be additional, text in that script.
my homemade script run and it also does something with my bias files. But am not sure it will be included in the final picture.
Greetings Esben from Denmark

Not having flats is really not a good idea as flats field files are probably the most important files.

However the Siril FAQ should answer to your questions: Siril - FAQ

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thanks for your reply.
I’m about to learn, and take it in small steps.
is finally getting a handle on APT.
so flats are on the way to learning.