Where do you download G'mic for mac from?

(David) #1

I’m new to this amazing open source photoediting world, and very excited to be here!

I am trying to download the g’mic plug in for GIMP for my mac, but can’t seem to find where to download it from.

Can someone please send me in the right direction, or show where there is a tutorial to help?

Thanks in advance

(David Tschumperlé) #2

I think the place to go is : http://karo03.bplaced.de/gmic/release/

Installing G’MIC on Mac has always been problematic for a lot of people anyway, so expect some headaches :slight_smile:
In case of problems, I guess @KaRo is the one who can help.

(Karsten R) #3

Hi, try to understand release http://karo03.bplaced.net/gmic/release/. If you have ideas for improvements don’t hesitate to inform me

(David) #4

thanks for your help, I have managed to download the dmg file (recent stable build), but I’m not that sure what to do next.

I have tried to copy the gmic and the gmic_gimp files into the plug in folder but it doesnt seem to be working.

I have the newest gimp (2.8.20)

(Pat David) #5

Have you tried following the directions here, except in your case you’re looking for the “Plug-Ins” folder:

(Karsten R) #6

sorry for the problems and the delay.

with the newest Gimp from Gimp.org there is only the git build possible

with the stable build you have to use the Gimp from GimponOSX, subrelease
18! there is already a recent gmic_gimp inbuilt!