Where is GraphicNovel in 2.9.9?

In windows direct G’mic (gmic_qt.exe) where is GraphicNovel in 2.9.9?
It was in Artistic in 2.9.8.
Thank you.

still there in my PC

Thanks Diego. You cleared it up for me with your image.
I didn’t want to go through Gimp.

My workflow in windows 10 is to convert raw to jpg with RT and with that jpg then call with windows explorer to G’mic without going through Gimp.

But I see that G’mic 2.9.9 through Gimp has 573 filters and windows executable G’mic has 406.

Anyway, if there is no other choice, I will enter G’mic through Gimp.


Clarification: with G’mic 2.9.8 I entered through Gimp. But now it would be more comfortable and faster to avoid Gimp.

That is because for an unknown reason, your plug-in didn’t get the filter updates.
You can try to get the filter updates “manually” py pressing the ‘Update filters’ button, located just below the filter tree.

It worked! That was it!
Thanks David. I now have all 573 filters.