Where is the Rawtherapee tutorial with the Pagoda in it ?

Sorry to bother people but I am being driven mad by this. Months ago I had a tutorial on Rawtherapee that used a Pagoda ? (building with porch with a couple of others in this case) and want to send it to someone. I tidied my PC and deleted a load of stuff including the link to this.
I have since scoured youtube and not a sign of it. It was an excellent all in one example of what this can do, towards the end it covered bringing detail from shadows and altering the sky. Pretty sure it was Rawtherapee.

Anyone know where it is as youtube has loads but not that one ?

Is this what you are looking for?


Thanks, that is the process but I saw a specific video that was actually amazing what you can do.
It was an oriental building and they altered just about everything, very impressive. Hard to describe though hence my not being able to find it again, really should have just kept it.
Great bit of software, I an just playing with my own photos for myself so looked at other but no need to learn more than one. I think this one will do all I want.