Where the Buffalo roam... (okay, you're right... Bison)

A shot I took back in 2013 with a 200mm lens on my Canon Ti4. Thought it might make for some free-roaming Wild West RAW-hide play…

My ART sidecar:
2013-09-28-0894.CR2.arp (24.5 KB)

And of course the original RAW:
2013-09-28-0894.CR2 (25.6 MB)


This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.


I love it! My try in darktable 4

2013-09-28-0894.CR2.xmp (6.4 KB)


@Tim Beautiful range of colors, nicely hued. :+1:

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Seriously though, nice picture.
I used darktable 4.1.

2013-09-28-0894.CR2.xmp (14.9 KB)

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Thanks for posting
datktable 4.0.1

2013-09-28-0894_03.CR2.xmp (11.3 KB)


@Jean-Marc_Digne Nice tone separation… close to how I remember those guys looking at the time.

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Thanks for sharing. For me it was essential to remove the distracting feet in the distance and also get some negative space at the upper edge of the image …

My initial edit:

(darktable 4.0.1)

After I have again noticed how much I suck in color editing and then have carefully stolen some insights from @123sg’s edit:

I still like @123sg’s edit more regarding colors, but still the crop, negative space etc. is crucial to me.


Excellent call. I totally missed those stray feet. A clear improvement through cropping.

Unfortunately, this time, cropping was not enough, I had to rely on darktable’s retouch module. It’s not only the feet that are gone, there’s more if you look closely :wink:. Even doing this quickly, the fact that it does not leap to the eye means that the result is not too bad :smiley:. xmp is in the jpg if you want to have a deeper look.

I’m very much still learning so I wouldn’t suggest my technique is the “right way” to do it…
Glad you liked it though. Actually, I think you’ve improved on my colours! The removed distractions work well too.