"Where to find the latest version of RawTherapee", and other questions

I haven’t seen anything come by in the last 2 weeks or so and I pull daily. It seems indeed somewhat quit. Then again: It is summer and people might have vacation and family stuff and all that.

Version: 5.8-3051-g71e8eeaf8
Branch: dev
Commit: 71e8eeaf8
Commit date: 2021-07-06

I’m on 5.8-3051-g71e8eeaf8. That seems to be higher then yours but I have
heckflosse’s poor mans dehaze merged and that accounts for the difference for as far as I can tell.

@devs enjoy. Well deserved!

@chaimav yes, the CI process is not very stable and has halted again on GitHub. :frowning: it is known…

What is the “CI process”?

Continuous integration - also sometimes called by people the “build bot”.

CI does automated builds - such as nightlies, or sometimes, a build for every single commit or pull request. I think RT’s CI system is configured to do nightlies IF there are new commits, btu am not sure.

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