Where to install plugins in 2.99 on linux

I’m starting to look at gimp-2.99.16. My first task is to get the g’mic qt plugin built - did that using /usr/local for gimp-2.99 and qt6.
I installed the plugin in /usr/local/lib/gimp/2.99/plug-ins/ but it doesn’t show.

Running gimp-2.99 from a term I see
Skipping potential plug-in ‘/usr/local/lib/gimp/2.99/plug-ins/gmic_gimp_qt’: plug-ins must be installed in subdirectories.

Is there any guidance on setting up such directories, and perhaps other steps such as making them visible to menus ?

Also, how on earth do people manage with the edit window here these days ? I’m getting two short lines visible in firefox, making it very hard to post.

I added the first part of a Python writing tutorial to the manual recently.

The location where GIMP expects plug-ins can be easily found by going to Preferences → Folders → Plug-ins. You can even add new folders there too where GIMP should look.

Each plug-in needs to be in its own folder, that has the same name as the main plug-in. So in the case of gmic_gimp_qt you would have a folder with that name inside the plug-ins folder, and in that folder would reside all gmic related files. The manual mentions this here, but it could probably be improved. We are open to suggestions.

Many thanks for that!

Hmm, maybe it’s time to try itsalltext browser addon again. I don’t know if it still exists - last time I used it was before the end of XUL addons, IIRC.

Sadly not, by the looks of things: