Where to set target folder?

[Using 0.9.26 on Linux Mint 20]

I can’t find where to set target folders.
I have installed the RPD 2 years ago and must have managed to get the files where I wanted them, but can’t remember how.

RPD put the photos into /media/maxg/PhotoLib/darktable/201x with 2017, 2018, 2019 as subfolders.


Given we have the years 202x, I want the YEAR folder under 202x.

Where do I tell RPD to put the photos under 200x?

[edit1]On further thought, I have the suspicion when changing to 202x, it will recreate the folders already in 201x.

Which leads to another question can this problem be solved?[/edit1]

Read this documentation: https://damonlynch.net/rapid/documentation/#downloadconfig

Can you be more precise? If you don’t want to download files from 2019 or 2018 etc., then make sure they’re not marked for download.

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Thank you for your response.

Yes, I have read this before posting.
The doc link says: you can do this and that, but not where.
It makes sense in a generic way, but I cannot figure where to change the ‘root’ (entry point) download directory for RPD.
There is no dialogue to select a folder for RDP to create its hierarchy in.


When I set it up (2 yrs ago), it picked the Video folder on the home/maxg/ path itself. Fine. Didn’t bother to change it. :slight_smile: But did change the folder to 201x… so there must be a way to do this.

When I click on the setting icon in the photos section:

I get this dialogue box, which has no reference to the path of 201x.

The question remains: where do I tell RPD to put the photos under 202x?

This sort of answers this question… if I manage to change the folder; RDP would say the photos are not there and marks them for download, and I have to deselect these.
OK, I can deselect all, and select only the latest photos, where I need to check where I left off.

As an ex-LighRroom user I was used to that LR figured out what was new, and put it into the specified folder (say 202x).

That’s all good, I can work this out… but where do I change the folder RDP dumps the photos in? :slight_smile: is what I need to manage first.

I am downloading from an iPhone, where I delete most photos after a RPD download, but keep some. In contrast, when I download from the Canon SLR, there are only the photos on the SD card from the last shooting session.

Click on the root folder you want to save it in. The one that is highlighted blue. Click another folder to make its line blue. That is the root folder.

When using Rapid Photo Downloader it is essential you distinguish between selecting files and marking them for download. The two are different.

Rapid Photo Downloader remembers files it has previously downloaded. It does not know what other programs have downloaded. Nor does it remember if you tell it to wipe its database in which it remembers.

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This is so ridiculously simple! :smiley: But one has to figure that one out. Silly me. Easy. Works. Thanks.

As for part two: it shows the hierarchy based on ‘creation date’ found on the source, but does not create it on closing RPD. Nice.

Rest all clear… (thanks for bearing with me.)

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