Which CMYK file to choose?

I have downloaded the CMYK files from Acrobat. I am working on a sticker and want to convert color to CMYK. I imported most of them into GIMP via soft proofing. However when I choose color management convert to ICC color profile, I get the error message "ICC Profile Validation Failed: Color profile is not for RGB color space.

I had selected the CMYK file Coated GRACoL 2006
As you can see in my uploads, the file is obviously there to select but I get the error.

ps. does anyone know what the various CMYK files from Adobe are used for? Any documentation anywhere?


The Gimp colour management doc is


Gimp 2.10 is a RGB editor and on its own does not convert an image to CMYK. It will ‘soft-proof’ to give an idea of what a cmyk print looks like and can show out-of-gamut (non-printable) colours that will lose brightness / vibrance…

You set the cmyk .icc that the printing company specifies.

There is a Gimp 2.10 plugin, CYAN that can export a finished image to a tiff / jpeg / psd file

CYAN is also a standalone convertor as well as a plugin. Possibly a better way is Krita which can also edit and export in CMYK format.

It is not always necessary to convert RGB to CMYK these days, most printing companies will do the conversion for you.

thanks very much!