Which file formats are supported for import in Filmulator?


I try to import a directory containing TIFF files, but Filmulator doesn’t do anything. Am I right assumimg that TIFF import isn’t possible? Does someone have a list of formats that can be imported?



Only raw files.

CR2, CR3, NEF, DNG, PEF, RW2, ARW, ORF, IIQ, SRW, RAF, off the top of my head; there may be some I forgot.

I may eventually add TIFF input but it’ll only work properly with linear 16-bit sRGB ones.

I see. I’m scanning analog negatives with an EPSON scanner, which outputs TIFF only. Would it work to convert those TIFFs into a raw format (e.g. DNG), which Filmulator can handle?

Filmulator is not at all suited for handling film scans; it’s just the wrong tool for that.

It expects the input values to be proportional to real-world brightness.