Which library is best for applying a LUT to video from the command line?

The G’MIC manual has the option “apply_video” which works on mp4 and avi. Could this work with a LUT? Is there another library which has a better way to process a raw video file from the command line?

Maybe look at ffmpeg, you can use the 3dlut filter, or maybe use an HALD CLUT, depending whattype ofLUT you are talking about.


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Thank you for the suggestion. I want to start simple, with a pre-defined LUT like those made by camera manufacturers. Would ffmpeg work with those?

I want to be able to quickly make comparisons between normal and log-recorded video, so I need a one-step method to process the log-recorded video files. I have plenty of computing power, so that part is not an issue.

Probably, the link I posted before to the ffmpeg lut3d filter section lists the supported formats.