Which modules in DT suffer the most from lack of OpenCL

I have a work laptop without a graphics card and I know from experience that the diffuse or sharpen modules performance is painfully slow without OpenCL. My personal laptop has a graphics card and the speed is so obvious. So whereas I apply the D or S module very early in my editing on my personal computer I leave it to last with my work computer.

I am just wondering what other modules are compromised in performance if a computer lacks a graphics card and OpenCL. The reason I ask is that I will be teach some students how to use DT and I suspect some of them will not have a graphics card.

you can run darktable with -d perf -d opencl parameters with and without --disable-opencl parameter and compare the processing times.

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Profiled denoise comes to mind, not sure apart from that.

I probably haven’t seen much problem with that module. BTW, the preserve shadows slider does some incredible magic when working very noisy images as most noise is in the shadows. The default value seems too high.


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