Which rawtherapee build would be most optimal for my processor?

My computer has an Intel Core i5 9300H Coffee Lake processor. The options for rawtherapee builds include icelake, skylake, generic, haswell, and znver2.

I suspect skylake would be the best choice since I see comparisons on the wiki page for coffee lake, but figured I’d ask here since I am sure some here are probably more informed on the topic than I am.


You can easily find out which cpu set you want for your CPU with:

// t.c
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

and run

gcc -march=native -v -v -v t.c

and GCC will show you which CPUset it uses for your CPU, search for march/mtune in the output.

But if you build locally you could just build with -march=native and it would optimize for your CPU :smiley:

Yes, you should use Skylake. I have coffee lake as well and Andre’ told me to use that version.

Perfect, thank you!

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