Which whistling-duck do you like best and why?

Hey everyone,

I mentioned here about being very pleased to see some plumed whistling ducks last week. I also had a lovely golden light due to a dark thunderstorm nearby darkening the sky overhead.

Having captured 5 non-rejects in a burst of less than a second, I am torn between these images.

This first one (let’s call it “04”) has almost zero motion blur and is satisfying for the freeze-effect, but looks unnatural.

Each of these next two (“05 and 06”) has the significant motion blur that tells a story but somehow grates for me.

This one “08” akin to “04” but the framing lets it down

Finally, “09” has the action almost complete, no discernible motion, but lack of Depth of Field means that the more distant wing distracts me.

It is possible coming back in several weeks will allow me to be more dispassionate and ruthless in culling, but right now, I’m stuck. I’d value critique and opinions: less on things technical, more on things artistic/aesthetic, and including reasons, where you can articulate them.

If anyone would like one of these as a playraw, you have only to ask.


In my opinion I prefer the first one, I like the composition and the bird is sharper and fills up more area due to his position mid movement. It also creates, at least in me, some anticipation as you don’t really know what movement he’s gonna preform, and the other ones spoil that as he’s already in the middle or end of it. I’m not an expert so take this with a truckload of salt :grinning:

PS: The first is also a better display of his awesome wings, which also add to the picture.

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  • 04
  • 05
  • 06
  • 08
  • 09

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I said 09 because it’s the best composed frame. The rest of them have the bird at an awkward part of the frame. The blurry wing doesn’t bug me as much as the frame position.

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