white balance workflow in Darktable 4.2

If I have “auto apply chromatic adaptation defaults” set to “modern”, what is the recommended workflow for white balance management (purely corrective, not artistic)?

In the white balance module, the default I end up is camera reference point, but then all then occasionally the correction I do in color calibration ends up with a cast (usually red). If I set it to as shot, auto-correction in color calibration gives me a better starting point.

There was something where the defaults for color calibration would not really ‘take’ well.

Resetting color color calibration and/or repicking 'as shot’s in color calibration could resolve this.

Wb set to ‘reference’ and color calibration set to 'as shot’s should give you basically the same starting point .

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I am not sure if I am addressing the question you asked correctly, but I have set up a style for editing which sets WB to camera reference and colour calibration to as shot in camera. This works well for me if the camera has set a nice white balance already. I do a lot of travel photography and this seems OK for me.


Thanks, I was not aware of as shot in color calibration. Checked it out on a lot of photos, and indeed it works fine as a starting point 99% of the time, especially daytime or lit indoor shots.

Check also the issue Changing illuminant to custom in color calibration changes image tone · Issue #9968 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub, in some cases the automatically selected WB in CC is slightly wrong. If you create a preset, as shot you can create a workaround.

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