White Listed Domains


I get an occasional bunch of spam triggers due to multiple links to a domain that is not in our whitelist (github!). So, here is our whitelist of domains for linking on the site:

Are there other domains that anyone thinks I should be adding to the whitelist to avoid the spam filter being triggered? Just sound off below and I’ll see about adding them!

How about photos.google.com and photos.app.goo.gl?

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I’m not sure what Pat is asking. I sometimes link to a page on my website at snibgo.com or im.snbigo.com. I don’t have problems doing this, but if whitelisting will help the moderators, feel free.

It’s my domain, I control what goes in there (currently just image processing) with no spam in sight.

The domain expressing the gh-pages branch of a github repo.

Domain expressing files in github repos.

Domain hosts large files, dev builds etc temporarily for free.

I should clarify - regular users who are already trusted can link pretty much as often in a post as they want to. I get spam notices when new users post many links.

The problem is, they’ve mostly all been false-positives and linking out to relatively safe places, so I was wondering what others might make sense. I’m adding the ones everyone has listed already - thank you!

Digression. How about names that don’t intend to be links? — e.g., I sometimes see Paint.NET. (Here, I typed Paint<span></span>.NET to prevent it from becoming a link.)

I don’t think there is anything we can do for paint.net as .net is actually a domain suffix.