Who to contact to improve DT translations?

This is probably not the forum, but who do I contact to improve DT translations?

You can improve translations yourself. Check out the source code, find the .po file for your language, open that file in POEdit, edit it, save it, and make a Pull Request on github.

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Hello, translators often work many years on a project, so instead of directly improving an existing translation, it’s perhaps better and certainly more polite to contact the translator of the language in question. Perhaps she is just working on improvements! Click on the Darktable logo on the top, left, to find their names.

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Thanks @paulmatth and @paperdigits for the hints.

Improving the translation on my computer and then making a Pull Request on github, would send it to the translators anyway, I suppose?

So I have written directly to the translators with my suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi @paperdigits and @paulmatth
I am interested to translate DT to Bulgarian but the language is not listed. Is there any chance it can be added?
I believe this language should be available in weblate.

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Sure I’ll check it out.

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Alright @vbs that’s a large undertaking, good luck! darktable/dtdocs — Bulgarian @ Weblate

Thank you!

On Weblate, you can only translate the user manual, but not the application interface itself. It’s a bit illogical to start translating the user manual when the interface itself hasn’t been translated, because you will be describing something that doesn’t exist yet.

The translation of the program interface will require much less time and effort (by an order of magnitude less, judging by the number of words) and will be more useful for many Bulgarian users (because if the English program interface is clear enough for the user, then the online help will most likely not be a big problem for them read in the original).


I believe you are very much correct. The thing is - I don’t have programming experience or github. How can I even approach it?

From what I saw, the darktable source has adirectory ‘po’ which contains a bunch of .po files.
Those are plain text files with the translations of the interface texts. The format looks self-evident, but do check that before starting.

So you don’t need programming experience to provide a translation (good thing too, those are different skills). And as it concerns one file (afaik), I’m sure there’s a way around problems with github if that’s needed (e.g. post the finished file as attachment to a feature request?)

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no programming skills requires.
See Translations · darktable-org/darktable Wiki · GitHub

There‘re about 4.900 strings to translate …

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Thank you, will check it out.

I may take one of the other translations as a sample and create a .po file. Likely will ask again when it is ready.

Appreciate the help!

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