Who's on First?

Another panorama, taken from a friend’s condo. I got lucky and there was a ball game happening that night, which added a nice focus point (don’t ask me who was playing, or who won.)

This is mostly the Edmonton river valley again, taken from the other side. You can probably spot the bridges and other items from “My First Panorama”.

This is 145 images (29 stacks of 5) with exposure times ranging from 1/8s to 30 seconds. The photos were processed from RAW with +darktable, converted to EXR with Luminance HDR, then stitched with Hugin. The completed panorama was then tonemapped with Luminance HDR, with some final post-processing in GIMP.

Edit: this one doesn’t appear to do the view-on-click that the others do, but you can view it full-size by right click → open in new tab



You are crazy…in a good way!
It’s crazy that you can actually see people in the buildings, it’s so detailed.

This motivated me to do stitching again. Haven’t done any lately.

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I wish I had a big 7:1 screen…


Thanks, I’m glad you like it. The detail is the main reason I love this type of work.


I agree. The detail somehow tells a story. Exploring the details makes this shots in my opinion much more interesting than for example landscape shots without peoples or animals. But that’s just my opinion…


That’s a really beautiful way of putting it, thank you. :slight_smile:Who's on First? - #3 by Jade_NL

I spy with my little eye…

Must be tricky to get the different tonality together, or?

Really great work, and the game is really the highlight IMHO.

No, tonemapping is done after stitching - Hugin manages 32-bit floats very well.

Thank you - no pun intended? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nice if you shared some of your workflow. I am sure lots of people would be interested, esp. when your result is so good.