Why are inspector previews better looking than the actual edited image?

When i view my images in RT in the inspector with the “Embedded JPEG preview” setting the image in the inspector looks better than the acutal image i edit afterwards. Why is that??? I tried to apply my default PP to the same image and render it. After reviewing both images the one from the preview looks completely different (better) from the acutal render. Please help :frowning:

The embedded jpeg is processed by your camera, I assume that is what you’re seeing in the inspector.

If there is a large difference, you might want to consider RT’s auto matched tone curve feature, which should help you get closer to the look of the jpeg image.

Otherwise maybe shoot raw+jpeg in your camera and just use the SooC jpeg where you like it.

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In addition to Auto Matched Tone Curve I’d suggest to try .dcp profiles for your camera. Check Rawpedia how to get them. For me the AMTC is always too contrasty blocking shadows and blowing highlights. OTOH the Neutral .dcp is a great starting point for further processing.

Thank you, i kinda figured it out in the meantime. After automatchin the tone curve the images got more similar than before.

I recommend the short Eek! My Raw Photo Looks Different than the Camera JPEG basic explanation in RawPedia.

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