Why does Firefox keep on changing its UI and settings?


This is starting to irritate me. Every time something changes, I have to redo some customization, turn something on or off, rearrange the icons, and re-remove some space spanners. I just opened what is now Firefox Quantum (57.0 (64-bit)); here we go again.

(Mica) #2

Change is inevitable! But this FF update is awesome. Its so fast now.

Wow FF mobile got a new UI and is noticibly faster.


The UI has been changed the second time now since 2002 and the last time happened in 2011… We don’t have to turn that into a monster.

The speed advantage compared to the previous version is significant and I simply cannot find any reason for missing the old one. The changes I had to do took about 5 minutes of my life which is negligible.


You could always use Lynx


(nosle) #5

w3m is way better


No worries. Just feeling grumpy today.

I am sure Firefox has changed more than that. In fact, I have noticed UI changes with each update however minor. If anything, it shows that Mozilla is still finding an identify for the old fox. Nothing wrong with that.

Compared to Pokémon, Kaiju and Galactus, Firefox is certainly a monster of monsters :wink:.


(Mica) #7

I don’t think you find the identity once then stick with it, its an ongoing process of change.


Yes, that is what I like about mobile :stuck_out_tongue:. Preferred method of browsing discuss.

(Mica) #9

Me too. Probably why my posts have so many typos…

(Pat David) #10

I know you say use lynx in jest, but…


Thanks @patdavid. I started this thread out of grumpiness but also in jest. @everyone You all made my day much better :sunny:.

(Pat David) #12

I’m actually interested in trying this new FF Quantum out. Everyone talks about the speed improvement and I’m always game for something new.


The discuss slowdowns I complained about in the past are no more, at least for now.

(Mica) #14

Chrome is bad for your mental health! Give it a go!

(Isaac Ullah) #15

I keep getting burned by Firefox on Ubuntu. Crashing, freezing, lagging. On multiple computers too. Switched to Chromium about a year ago and haven’t had an issue yet. I’m sure that the new FF is quite good for most, but once bitten twice shy…

(Mica) #16

I’m not sure if Ubuntu is shipping the newest, especially if you’re on an LTS.

Debian didn’t ship the newest because rustc want new enough.

You can download a precompiled binary from Mozilla and run it, that’s what I’m doing on my Debian Old Stable box.

(Isaac Ullah) #17

I could try that, but at this point all my passwords and bookmarks and addons are totally ported to Chromium, so there’s little impetus to experiment with what’s currently working. :wink:


Changes this past half year has broken compatibility with most of the add-on extensions. That would probably be the biggest barrier for people to switch back to Firefox ATM. Currently, I am running on only 3 because the other ones that I used to use aren’t compatible anymore.

(nosle) #19

Seems to me that the addons are coming along quite quickly. The speed up is very nice indeed and unlike chrome it still works when the computer is under full load. The desktop user interface is very nice. The mobile version is way to bloated and slow to my mind
I prefer the lightning browser on Android.

(Moisés Musashi Santana) #20

Give Vivaldi a try, it’s new but already great.