Why does RPD create a folder with tomorrow's date, but no content?

SNAFU: Ignore this thread: the operator is somewhat limited in intellectual prowess resulting in an incorrect date being set in the camera…

For two days in a row, when I import images from an SD card at least 2 folders are created. Yesterday (2nd January) folders 20210102 and 20210103 were created, the latter having no images. Today folder 20210103 is populated with the images I have imported today and folder 20210104 is created, with no content.

I also notice that, before importing photos, the folder name 20210104 listed in the folder structure (for Photos in the right hand information panel in RPD) is in italic font; all other folders are in ‘normal’ font. After importing images into folder 20210103 its name is changed to italic font (from normal), while folder name 20210104 is changed (to normal font) to italic font. What do these differences imply ?

Copy and pasted from the documentation:

destination subfolders tree

The above image illustrates several useful attributes:

  • The Destination folder is in this instance “Pictures”. The name of the Destination folder is displayed in the gray bar directly above the tree, with a folder icon to its left and an icon of gear to its far right.
  • The Destination folder tree shows the download subfolders already on your computer (those in a regular, non-italicized font), and the subfolders that will be created during the download (those whose names are italicized)
  • The folder tree also shows into which subfolders the files will be downloaded (those colored black)