Why doesn't my geeqie plugin command run?


I’d like to make a simple, one line command plugin inside geeqie to resize and strip metadata.

It would run this command:

mogrify -resize -strip 50% *.jpg

So in geeqie desktop file:

mogrify -resize -strip 50% %f

Geeqie can run the mogrify strip command just fine, but when adding the resize command always fails. I guess it has something to do with escaping the % sign.
Putting the command in quotes doesn’t help. I’m sure its really simple but the solution is not coming easily for me :grin:

Anyone know an easy fix?

Figured it out (if only I had read the example plugin), to insert a percent-sign in the command, use double percent, like so:

Exec=mogrify -strip -resize 50%% %f