Why is "category -> software" using an ellipse version of RawTherapee icon?

Hello meta discussion,

If I select “category → software” pixls.us display several applications. All icons renders nicely, I think, besides RawTherapee (at least for me on OSX 10.13, with Firefox and Safari). The RawTherapee icon is rendered as an elliptic version of the circular original.

If one enters the RawTherapee subforum, then the icon is circular, again.

Is this ellipse version intended, or is it a side effect due to some other issue, like icons supplied for “category → software” ?

Please post a screenshot. It looks fine to me.

It seems to be because of stretching the downloaded image.

Same thing, for me, using Debian testing and Firefox, as for OSX. I see an ellipse rendered. RawTherapee is in the top left corner of the attached image.

I use Firefox.

Windows desktop
– Wide viewport: only RawTherapee has trouble
– Narrow viewport: both RT and dt have issues

Android mobile
– Narrow/“desktop” viewports: problem free

PS RT logo text could use some work…

If you’re volunteering :wink: have at it

just remove the text from the logo and it will be fine.

@paperdigits I have a time-consuming job now. :wink:  In addition to mundane tasks, more design work than I anticipated for a non-creative position.

@darix I concur but the RT folks may like it that way…