Why is Gimp not available on Steam?

Godot and Blender are becoming increasingly popular and the number of users is increasing due to their listing on Steam

GIMP paired with Godot and Blender is a great combination, and if it can also be obtained in Steam, it will produce great results.

you can get krita on steam.

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So people buy FOSS on Steam? The mind boggles.

Krita can also be bought on the windows store. The money is used to pay devs full time to work on opensource. something you also benefit from.

opensource projects, which wish to pay devs for full time work, need to finance that work somehow.
for some it is donations. others have paid versions. others have support contracts.

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Maybe I was not clear: I think this is great, I am just surpised to see it happening.

Krita makes a good amount of money from steam and the Microsoft store.

There was a request posted several months ago: Publish to Steam. (#10061) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab

I don’t think there’s any opposition, just lack of time and developer energy among many other higher priorities (like getting GIMP 3.0 released in a few months). If a knowledgable person came in and was able to help with the process, it would probably happen a lot faster.

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