Why is gimp not responding?

I have a Intel® Core™ i9-10900X X-series Processor (19.25M Cache, 3.70 GHz) with 256 GB Ram and a single GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER on msi creator X299 motherboard, But whenever I create a project of 7680x4320 resolution or 8k, GIMP doesn’t respond. But when I create 16k project in it, gimp works.

I don’t know what’s wrong, but if my pc can run 16k then it should definitely be able to run 8k.

Thanks for your help.

Please tell us a little but more:

  • Operating system + Version
  • Gimp Version
  • Is the image 8, 16 or 32bit and is it integer or float
  • What does “doesn’t respond” mean exactly? (Absolutely no response?, just slow?, …)
  • Are there any (command line) messages?
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I would add to @Tobias comment:
When you said “create project”, do you mean importing an image or creating a new from Menu > File > New… ?

I meant creating a new image or project.

  • Windows 10 20H2
  • Gimp 2.10.24
  • 32 bit float
  • first it shows a translucent white screen when I try to click anything, and then a prompt comes “not responding” at the top left.
  • I can’t understand what you mean by command line, but it just suddenly crashes after the “not responding” prompt.

It’s totally same as normal crashes on any windows machine.

By command line I mean this:
Click on the “Start” button and type: cmd
Now the command line opens, please enter now:

"c:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.10.exe" --verbose -c > log.txt

Now crash GIMP and look into the log.txt and post the results here.

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Thanks for your answers @Tobias and @PixLab ,
But now after reinstallation, with removing files from registry editor, GIMP is working fine.