Why is the image quality reduced when I save my processed image?


I’m trying to get the same quality to my image texture as I see in the raw image when I zoom in. No matter what image format I use I get the same reduced quality when I save the image. When I zoom in on a detail in the image and crop that part and then saves it as either JPG (best quality) or PNG the quality is fine and exactly how I want it. But for some reason I don’t get the same quality on the larger saved image.

Why is that?

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Upload a sample raw file, the associated pp3 file, screenshots of your export settings in RawTherapee, and the saved images. Use https://filebin.net/ if you can’t attach all of that here directly.


I fixed it! When resizing the image the resolution also changed dramatically and I did not see that at first, that’s why the quality was so low.

But thanks anyways :slight_smile: