Why "select" cannot be used in a script?


I’ve noticed (by experimentation, and by reading source code) that the command “select” cannot be used in script.

I wanted to ask, why not? I’m sure there’s a great reason for this limitation, but what is it?

My reason for wanting this is that I have cca 1000 photos, and am building a time lapse video. Rather than doing a computationally intensive registration and stacking across all of them, for each frame, I want to select only 10 or so photos to compose a single video frame. Additionally, I’m having a really hard time registering all 1000 photos with a static tripod, and this was my workaround :slight_smile:

Thanks for any insights!

The reason is just that we did not take the time to make it work, when the command was introduced it worked on the opened sequence in the GUI, there’s no such thing in scripts for now.

What you want to do is called a sliding window stack or super-stack. Scripts (shell and python) have been made to do it with siril, maybe you can take a look at it: Siril - Working with Comets

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you! Not yet implemented is a pretty understandable reason :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, it’s a very helpful reference!

Doing some tests on my side, I’d like to get select/unselect scriptable too btw :slight_smile:

For now it’s not planned for the next release unfortunately (see the ticket), but that may not be too hard to do, we’ll see…