Why won't G'MIC's posturize filter work right?

i’m using photoshop 2022 and iv’e got G’MIC installed in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Plug-ins. I am trying to use the posterize filter but today it is not working. I try to use it on an image and it either makes no changes when i hit apply or okay or when it does make a change it is very different from the preview window and has fewer colors. Before, today it worked fine. Can someone tell me what’s wrong. It not the first time i’ve had trouble using G’mic in photshop. Sometimes it says it can’t read the layer’s data. What’s up with that? I’ve got gmic Can someone please help?

edit: i saw some replies that the preview is just a little different but see this only happened yesterday. Before that, it was very accurate and i could get a lot of colors with posterize. But, now, just a few.

In the G’MIC Photoshop plugin, the apply button is only used within the G’MIC-Qt user interface to layer multiple effects in a single session.
As for the preview differences, I have noticed that as well when rendering various effects and I do not know what causes it.
My best guess is that it may be a color management issue, the Photoshop canvas is color manged and the G’MIC-Qt preview is not.

That should hopefully be fixed for the next version of the G’MIC Photoshop plugin.

The preview is different because

and it does not use the original input image but a cropped/resized version.