Why you might not want to live right by the Gulf of Mexico...

…or possibly any other sub-tropical body of water. Never mind those pesky hurricanes, it’ been overcast for days now it seems! :smiley:

(If you look at this days after I posted, there’s no telling what it will show since it’s updated every four minutes. I tried to make an animated GIF but it failed.)

I’m in the lower center, about halfway between the KAEX and KESF weather stations:


To clarify, we need rain – We’re way behind on our annual average per my earlier post. But we’re getting very little rain from this. It’s just mostly featureless grey overcast and a light mist at most. We need a good old “gully washer” (as the regionally popular term was decades ago) that then moves on, clears out. All this has done is made it uber bland photographically …and that’s what really matters, right?? :slight_smile:


Yes. :sunglasses:

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