Wide, Normal and Tele - great explanation from cinematographer

I was looking for such explanation for ages!!!
He actually explains what focal length can do and how it can create a mood.
Hope somebody will enjoy it as much as I do :slight_smile:

Edit: If you have similar stuff please share it!


Very interesting insights, never thought about using certain focal length to create a mood. Think I try a wide-angle lens for my next portrait.

Currently watching this video:

It’s an in-depth analysis about one movie discussed in the video above. Many details about how colors are being chosen and placed into scenes and about image composition.

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It’s super neat to also see the lighting setup for his interview:

Love the use of a scrim to keep the big keylight from spilling onto the background (and one to also avoid bouncing off the ceiling).

The keylight looks like it’s firing into a big panel for diffusion left, and there’s a rim light up high. There also appears to be a soft kicker/rim off camera to the right that we can’t see in that wider BTS shot:

Neat video - thank you for sharing!

Small edit -

  1. Haha:

    Must be the quaaludes.

  2. On the topic of Drive that @pphoto posted also, a neat video of quadrant blocking in the same movie: