Wierd colour casts around the image (DJI Mini 2 Drone)

I took some photos in RAW with my DJI MINI 2, opened them in RawTherapee and the images show a strange off-colouring around the edges, it looks like it’s leaning towards blue.

This is not the case with Photoshop.

I’ve also opened RAW files from multiple other cameras in RawTherapee and have had no off-colouring, only the DJI MINI 2 does.

I wonder why that is? I have not encountered this before, how can I fix it?


DJI_0067.DNG (23.4 MB)

That is colour shading. From my OnePlus Nord 3 5G it is corrected in darktable, but OpcodeList3 that DJI uses is not supported.


Many phone cameras show this too. Ithink RawTherapee has an option somewhere to enable the embedded gainmap, if there is one and it can be read…

No luck with this DNG.


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Never tried it myself, but I believe this script will help GitHub - paolodepetrillo/raw2dng at dngpreprocess

Edit: Tried it now. Works.
I downloaded the source code and installed with:

cmake …
make install

Then I went to the folder to find dngpreprocess and run:

./dngpreprocess -3 rawfile.dng

It will demosaic the image and apply lens correction. I think AHD is the demosaicing method. The file size will increase a lot. If you put dngpreprocess in .local/bin in Linux you will be able to run the command from all folders.

DJI_0052.DNG (23.2 MB)
DJI_0052_pp.dng (47.7 MB)

And your own file here
DJI_0067_pp.dng (46.7 MB)

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