Will darktable support video management in the future?

Hi All, I use darktable to manage my photos and digikam for my videos.
But I like darktable’s beautiful UI very much.
Will darktable support video management like digikam in the future?

I think video management is out of scope for what darktable does and aims to do.

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For a nice and complete free video editor I recommend DaVinci Resolve.

Sorry, I didn’t describe clear.
Not editation, just add stars, marks or keywords like digikam or xnview mp.

Yes, I use DaVinci Resolve too.

Video metadata is a completely different thing, and they had a rough time supporting it in digikam. I doubt we will see that support in darktable, as it seems out of scope for the project. There are better applications to do DAM for video.

Understand, I’ll try to use other tools for video DAM.:笑臉: