Will Lightzone Open Iphone Pro Raw Files ?

Hello All: I’m interested in obtaining a copy of LightZone. Will Lightzone work on an IMac running High Sierra OSX 10.13.6? Will the software open Apple Pro Raw files shot on a IPhone 13? Where is the best place to obtain a copy of Lightzone ? Look forward to your reply

The official place is this: Releases · ktgw0316/LightZone · GitHub

All other questions: I don’t know, sorry. Using neither LZ nor Apple stuff.

The latest I could find on the now defunct original Lightzone forum for Mac Beta test forum on the WayBack Machine was from 11/13/2017, although later versions may exit. For some reason Wayback banned the site after that date. The latest on the forum was near the end of 2019. When was 10.13.6 released? In any case, here is the old Mac Beta test forum latest discussion: Old Mac Test forum on Wayback Machine