Windows copy & import bugs?

I think with the Windows version of (and also 3.7.0+196~g0d72ed426) slashes are not handled correctly in the Copy & Import dialog, but maybe I’m doing something wrong?

As a simple test, I used two folders:
One image in c:\source.


  • directory base naming pattern: c:\destination
  • sub directory naming pattern: subdir
  • keep original filename (unchecked)
  • file naming pattern: image1.jpg


  • message: “imported 1 images”
  • no files copied to destination
  • filmroll listed as c:destination/subdir but not included in filmroll list and the image is not shown.


  • same as Test1, but with forward slash in base directory name.
  • directory base naming pattern: c:/destination


  • image copied to destination
  • filmroll c:/destination/subdir is in list
  • image is shown
  • Full path in Image Information: c:/destination/subdir\image.jpg Note the mixing of slashes.
  • Show in file explorer does not work, presumably because slashes are not correct in path.

Add a trailing forward or back slash to sub directory naming pattern
Result: crash

Others have raised issues about windows paths, so I’m going to start on it in the next day or two. Thanks for the steps to reproduce, that should make it easier for me to find.

Happy to help test if needed.

There’s another bug regarding Windows import: If a folder contains special characters, import silently fails. See bug report here.

The devs are aware of this issue and are already working on a solution.