Windows Nightly Dev Builds on Hold?

(Brian A.) #1

Hi everyone, thanks for helping me out from before.

I wanted to try testing out some feature builds like the Local Lab build and I noticed that the nightly builds are a week old. I downloaded the 2019-05-06 build anyway and ran it, and it seems like the feature wasn’t working…on my end anyway. So I wanted to see if another build would work better, but as mentioned there has not been a nightly build since last week for Windows.


(Mica) #2

The windows build isn’t built every night. Maybe nightly isn’t the best word for it… Snapshot perhaps? At any rate, people go on vacation, have lives, etc. You should check the keybase of @gaaned92, he’s making builds most frequently for windows:


You might be talking about the same thing.


Back home, starting again to build


Welcome back, traveller. :sunny: space cowboy. :man_astronaut:

(Brian A.) #6

Oh. I’m sorry if I sounded like I was rushing. It’s my first time trying out a nightly and was just wondering if there was other builds.

Hope your travels went great. And thank you so much for the development builds.