Windows Terminal

This has passed the rounds on tech media. Microsoft has been working hard for a long time to be cool and relevant. Recently, it has been a product it is calling Windows Terminal. Let me know if this is exciting to you or not as a full-time, some-time and not-at-all user of Windows. As for me, I am glad to see any progress that brings MS a little closer to Linux. I don’t have the resources to use both or time to get exes working on Linux.

Well, at least I won’t have to use the crappy cmd for some tasks anymore. The fixes I did on cmd, and some repeated characters using online help, I wonder how does that even work at times.



Oops, cannot get! (Button toggles and that’s it.)


For the times I still have to use windows (daily) this might be good, but mainly end up with git bash from github or msys2 (which has a handy pacman repo).

I’ll assume you’ve looked in to alternative software etc., but urge you to persevere! The only thing which kept me locked in for a long time was games. I hope you at least occasionally try out boot usb or VM and so on. Linux can run well on extremely low spec machines using very little space. It really is worth it in the end :slight_smile:

My dream has always been to run two OSs at the same time on the same machine natively. One using the left side of the screen and the other the right half. Unfortunately, it isn’t meant to be without compromise. Can’t we all get along and share the same bus?