Windows10 issues

Any ART version higher than 1.5.4 is immediately shut down on my Windows 10 machine.

Hi and welcome!

Can you provide some more information? What version of windows 10? Is there any error message? Can you attach a crash log?

No issues with my win 10 20H2 ART ver 1.8.2.

Did you uninstall old version through control panel?

Copy and then delete c:\users***\appdata\local\art

Re-copy profiles folder to the above path

If you get an error on initial install, click on more info and then allow.

Works fine for me so it should be something from your system. The first suspects are always the antimalware programs. In case you are using something else than windows defender, can you try disable it and see if it works?

Also, you can try to clean the cache folder, that one can also cause some crashes when you are upgrading between versions

Sounds like an antivirus problem. I have had similar problems using AVAST. You can go into the settings in the antivirus program and add ART to allowed programs. I also had to add the whole ART installation folder as an exception or it wouldn’t save or export pictures.

Thanks for the response.
The system doesn’t crash, Windows just shuts it down as soon as the Art startup logo and thumbnails are displayed.
I’m running Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2. OS Build 19042.867.
There is no error message

@Libelle419 Is this a recent automatic build of ART? If so, it is probably due to the same thing in RawTherapee:
If you try a new nightly build it should be fixed.

Thanks, downloaded the nightly build this morning and the program does run properly now.

However Photoshop can not read the TIFF files that ART exports.

Dave Kennedy

Guessing a metadata issue?

Hi, can you share a problematic tiff? (and if possible also a raw+arp sidecar)?

Alberto, The first file DSC6722 was saved from “save current image” within ART.

DSC6722-6 is the file as it appears in Camera Raw and Photoshop.

I’m not sure where to find the raw+arp sidecar.

_DSC6722.tif (3.28 MB)

_DSC6722.tif.arp (9.53 KB)

_DSC6722-6.tif (3.12 MB)

_DSC6722.xmp (8.99 KB)

it seems you are using “Copy unchanged” for saving metadata. This means that all the tags in the raw file are transferred to the tif, including tags which might confuse some apps. I think this is likely what is happening here… Can you try saving with “apply modifications” and see if the problem goes away? In general, I’d suggest not to use “copy unchanged” for raw to tif output, unless you know what you are doing…


When creating Tif files in ART, I have a choice of including the processing information as a separate file, or not at all. I have tried both.
My settings are the same as my ART 1.5.4 version that functions properly.
I’m not clear where the “copy unchanged” or “apply modifications” settings that you mention can be found.


In the metadata tab, at the top

I set it to strip all metadata and it works great now. Thanks for the help.

If you can share a raw file it could still be helpful to understand what is going on…

I would be glad to. Do you have a way I can FTP it to you. My email provider blocks big file transfers. My raw files are 45 MB.

You can put it on Dropbox, Google drive or some other similar service and then send me a link.

This is from a Nikon D850.