Winter Snow Photo Effect in darktable

Hi friends,
I have a small tutorial for photo manipulation in Darktable. In fact I have just reproduced Snow Photo Effect following the tutorial on youtube for Photoshop,
Winter Snow Photo Effects Photoshop Tutorial

In Darktable it was easy to do since the modules in Darktable work as adjustments layers in Photoshop.
Here the result

Three simple steps we need,

  1. Channel mixer
  2. Color zones (that is a bit tricky - you will change GREEN tones but on photo it is actually BLUE one after channel mixer)
  3. Color balance

To make skin of the model to be looking more natural mask the model body for the modules above for your taste.

One more example (same as in tutorial on youtube)


Those are beautiful effects you achieved… Thanks for taking the time and care to detail your settings.

Must say very impressive. I’ve seen many of these pulled out with secondaries keys in grade suites and a lot with 3DlutCreator, but you actually managed with the Gimp and DT!!! R e s p e c t  :+1::eyes: :+1:

Look amazing. Will try it out when I have a chance!!

You are right. Sometimes I look Photoshop tutorials on youtube and think how I may reproduce them in Gimp, Darktable etc. That tutorial I looked and rapidly starting understand that everything can be easily done just in Darktable. I was impressed and post it here.


Very impressive, but I have some questions though

  • How to understand how channel mixer works? It seems that the author just fiddled colors in red channel. But I don’t quite get what R/G/B mean inside a color channel? Doesn’t a color channel only has 1 single color?
  • How does blend and blend mode impacts the color?