Wonder Woman Cosplay

(Pat David) #1

@Danas_Anis just posted a wonderful cosplay portrait over on his social channels that is worth showing off! :smiley:

There’s a couple of others to check out as well on his post:


The costumes that people make and the other things that one has to do to be a good cosplayer is insane! The fan in me says that the costume here could be tailored to fit the model a bit better… but otherwise a wonderful shot by @Danas_Anis. Thanks for sharing!


That’s no good lasso knot!

(Lyle Kroll) #4

Looks great, patdavid. :slight_smile:


Not sure it even qualifies as a knot…


Now that you mention it, the knot does look a little rough, at least for a composed shot. It could still be a honda knot, just twisted and loose.

When I teach young people knots, I generally use Animated Knots by Grog as a teaching aid, if anyone is interested in learning some new tricks.


It’s definitely not a Honda Knot. It’s a simple overhand knot around the standing end. And my copy of the ABOK doesn’t have any other lasso knots that look similar either. :slight_smile:

That being said, the photo looks great. I am just a total knot nerd. So don’t mind me …


So much for my attempt at optimism :rainbow:. I rarely tie honda knots so I will defer to @houz’s wisdom.

(Pat David) #9

Oh yeah? Let’s see your International Guild of Knot Tyers membership card… :smiley: :smiley:

From a sailors viewpoint, I am also a knot nerd - and that is definitely not (!) a Honda knot (the honda is an overhand with an extra loop to allow the exiting loop ends to go out at 180° from the knot - to help keep the “lasso” loop shape).


@patdavid Maybe it is time for another fun poll: this time “What is your favorite type of knot or lashing?” :wink:.


And what about starting a weekly YouTube show called “Fun with knots” with all you knot nerds?


That totally depends on what I need them for. I have hardly any knots that I know that I don’t actually use. So it’s not so much a matter of favourite but what is suited for the task at hand. Sailing? Firefighter work? Rigging? Mountaineering? :grinning:

(Danas) #13


Thank you for sharing my image! :slight_smile: Glad you guys enjoy it! :slight_smile:
Well I have no knowledge about knots, I guess the cos-player was making this lasso for the first time :slight_smile: good knots needs some practice :slight_smile: