Wondering about perspective correction

I do a lot of landscape and travel photograph. In such situations I often have to point the camera up and so I get tilted vertical lines where perspective correction is handy. I do notice that it appears to keep the top of the photo “as is” and then “squishes horizontally” the bottom as opposed to keeping the bottom “as is” and “stretching horizontally” the top. This sometimes results in cropping out the interesting part of the photo. I do understand that if it were to “stretch horizontally” the top that would mean it has to interpolate pixels which is not ideal. With that in mind, is it possible to pick the “center of correction” such that sometimes I can put the “center of correction” at the top, sometimes in the middle and sometimes at the bottom? If that is possible I would also suppose the same would apply to selecting the “center” horizontally. Thoughts?

Hi, I’m not sure I understood exactly, but maybe this can help?

Whoops! I completely missed the Auto-fill! My fault! Sometime I look so hard I miss the obvious. :slight_smile: Much better now. Thanks!