Work, life and other detours [II]

Already bookmarked site: thanks for the reminder. I didn’t have time to review it but I will soon. PS The solutions are contingent on having the OS installed. Before, I was trying to do things without the OS.

Brian, lets hope for good news. I recall hearing that one thing that humans are most impacted by is uncertainty.

Apparently knowing about an event or outcome even if it is not all rosy is much easier on the human psyche than uncertainty…so hopefully you are on the road to removing that burden and able to get on with your life…

Wishing you all the best

Again lets hope for the best resolution possible…

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And an “assumed” diagnosis handed to me by my neurologist of a Functional Neurological Disorder, despite him still waiting on test results coming back… So that’s that then, as I’ve been discharged. No more tests, no more appointments, or even any information given about the diagnosis…

Fortunately I had done my own research, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) – A Patient's Guide to FND, however I still don’t think it’s a correct diagnosis he’s given me…

Would like some suggestions from you all.

#1 I got an interview for a casual WordPress job in 3 weeks. Job description is as follows:

Website Updates and Design Support (WordPress)

We have in-house capacity to do most updates, but have a growing list of more complicated updates/ design changes that are beyond our capacity. Those would be things like template changes. Our needs are at a few hours of support to start and an hour a month moving forward.

I may have to negotiate this time commitment depending on what I have to do. I can probably do this but, eh, what is involved in WordPress again? Ha ha. It has been a lifetime since I have done something serious. Been mostly putting up basic ephemeral sites for nonprofit events a digital native child could do in a jiffy. Anything to help me get up to speed would be wonderful!

#2 I am going on a portaging/camping trip with old university friends. They are strong and hardy, so I am in good hands. This time, however, I have decided to bring my own food because I am concerned about my dairy and gluten allergies. Any lightweight food/cookery suggestions? Not looking for something elaborate, just nutritious and easy to digest.

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Well I entered some images into my photography clubs first monthly competition… Some interesting feedback from the judge, in that all my images were lacking in contrast…

So I guess I need to get back into using darktable more regularly, and improve my editing!

Employment wise, I think things may be taking a down turn for me sooner rather than later… Another 9 industrial action days announced in an effort to fight for our terms and conditions, while our CEO rakes it in with massive bonuses and shares…

Lacking in contrast is a vague remark. Do they elaborate? I believe you mentioned receiving this type of feedback before…

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Pretty much lacking in contrast between light parts of the image and shadow parts of the image… I might pop a couple of the images up on PlayRaw to see what other people can make of them…

So I find out via facebook yesterday, that it is looking likely that I’m going to be a stage closer to being made redundant / medical retirement… :roll_eyes:

Ouch, sorry to hear that @Brian_Innes what a terrible way to find out.

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Work update is I have an interview this Wednesday with the City of Toronto. It is an entry job this time, not manager-level, but finally I have a competition I could join without bumping into that pesky union collective agreement wall.

Speaking of unions, Ontario is having an interesting CUPE vs Ontario government battle. Nonlocal coverage: Over 55,000 Ontario education workers strike in defiance of ‘draconian’ law | Canada | The Guardian. The right to strike is being taken away before people have a chance to strike.

And here I am awaiting an interview for a union job… albeit for a different one.


I saw a news post about that law, absolutely ridiculous. Specially after they announced they want to bring a lot of immigrants into Canada… so new cheap labor without the chance for them to strike and fight for a better work life.

Ya the federal gov’t is not in support of it and immigration is their jurisdiction …its at the provincial level and its the right wing side of the spectrum so as usual it politics being played with peoples lives…


Hey community, I have come across a pickle (expression riffing off of our other conversation today). At work, I have been tasked to doing someone else’s project for them. If that already sounds troublesome, it is.

Part of it is finding a way to give portable internet access to people via a tech lending library (we are building this library from ground up but already my other recommendations are being rejected…). How would I provide portable internet to a community with unmet needs? I feel it has to be a custom, negotiated and expensive solution.

Some kind of mesh WiFi with cell (5G?) backhaul?

@ggbutcher What does that mean? Elaborate please. Slow at the end of day. :slight_smile:

Problem: We have a community with unmet tech needs and may not have access to the internet.

Me: We can provide internet at our branch within that neighbourhood. Community centres, libraries and other safe community spaces offer WIFI too.

Problem: We want people to have their own portable hotspot devices.

Me: Hotspot plans (residential or business) have modems are tied to ISP contracts. We cannot lend devices that change users and locations. The devices are expensive to replace and service. Plans, even unlimited, have throttling and unforeseen fees and penalties. How do we ensure that users have fair and equitable use? A custom negotiated solution is expensive and unrealistic.

(In retrospect, I suppose we could buy our own modems and provide SIM attached to limited pay-as-you-go plans. That way we can top up the plan for each user.)

Problem: Internet accessibility is the whole point of this project. Everything else is secondary!

I am guessing they just want our library to have patrons walk in and say:

Patron: I want internet - can I borrow internet?
Library: Yes, you can borrow internet. Here it is and bring it back to us in one piece in one week.
All: profit!

Me: Oh!

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I’m not sure if I might be missing a point… but here in Aus 4G ‘hotspots’ are easy to get hold of (I think most of the major telcos have they’re own branded versions) and are quite easy to use once the SIM is set up. Prepaid seems to be the usual setup. I could imagine having a stack of these to loan out. Not sure how you’d meter or charge for data usage though.
Edit: Like this one - Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Hotspot from Telstra
Edit no2. Sorry! I just saw your reply explaining the problems of what I suggested…

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I kind of address that in my post.

Yes: how to make it fair for everyone? I don’t think there can be a charge. Then again, I wasn’t given any guidelines/scope, which is frustrating.

Yeah, this is what I had in mind, although ignore the “mesh” part. Not really needed for the use case…

Sorry - I saw your other post pop up as I was typing my suggestion - but didn;t read till I’d finished my post! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I might add that I learned something from my conversation with other people tonight (well, a refresher).

I care about things too much all the time and am too persistent about finding a good solution.

If I give a recommendation that is not welcome, it is not my role to convince the other party. I am to help them achieve what they want, but they will have to own their poor decisions. I shouldn’t put that on myself. Otherwise, I won’t bring value to them, get on their bad side and fail to take care of myself.

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